Success begins with crafting your journey.

Your journey starts with discovering your identity.

Student Experience Project

Transforming the college student experience so that every student is supported to succeed

University College is at the center of your college experience, helping you craft your journey through a set of personalized learning engagements, support, and pathways towards success post-graduation.

engaging students through interactive and educational partnership.

First-Year Students

Transfer Students

Underrepresented Students

Exploring Students

Maximize your journey through building your connections and experiential learning.

Your resources for your journey

Office of Undergraduate Education provides customized services and resources to help you discover and meet your academic and career goals, whether it’s through academic advising, tutoring, exepriential learning and research, or branding your story for post-college life.

academic support

Sometimes we need a little support academically. Check out tutoring, mentoring, and other resources available to you.

career support

Making your time here matter means discovering what you want to study and connecting it with opportunity after graduation. Get started now.

advising support

Your journey includes professional advisors ready to help you build your pathway towards graduation, understand procedures, and keep you on track!

College is about designing a future that brings you purpose and joy while creating impact in our society.

your partners in this journey