Experiential Learning

Finding experience outside the classroom to compliment your learning allows you to further master the career competencies that every employer seeks in candidates. We have found that engaging in experiential learning, whether it be a semester long internship or participating in a case challenge, provides students with greater clarity of career direction, academic decisions, and greater confidence in the strengths they have to leverage in the world.

At UNC Charlotte we provide the opportunity for every student to participate in a “real world, work-related” experience that can assist a student to develop their resume. This can include activities such as: internships or co-ops; applied ‘real-world’ research projects for a company or nonprofit; clinical rotations for health or human services; technology/data simulation or engineering projects; and more!

How do we define experiential LEARNING?

For us, it’s all about hands-on learning outside the classroom! Participating in experiential learning programs allows you to get a firsthand look at career paths while also honing those skills and competencies. Experiences also provide you with great work project examples on your resume and LinkedIn profile and stories to communicate to an employer during the interview

Enhance your education with credentials

This cohesive, interactive program will allow students to show that they have acquired specific skills or competencies useful in the workplace. Recent studies have shown that there is a growing 1099 workforce and employers are looking for graduates that understand how to create value by solving problems. The skills acquired during this program will provide students with competencies that you will be able to highlight on your resume, Portfolium and LinkedIn. Think of these as professional development skills to propel you in your industry and/or launch your own company or non-profit organization that tackles a community issue.

Check out available credentials at Charlotte!