Departmental Curriculum and Support

Develop Depth in the Majors

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Courses in the majors build on the general education curriculum by developing students’ mastery of the competencies within their chosen discipline(s) through further development and refinement. This provides students with depth.

Departments will determine how to best integrate the four core competencies into their majors depending on the discipline and the curricular structure. While departments are encouraged to embed the competencies in multiple sites in their curricula so students can build towards mastery, no specific credit hour requirement exists nor will the courses in which departments integrate the competencies need to be formally designated or approved.

Departments are expected to incorporate these competencies into the program-level Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs), and they are responsible for demonstrating that graduates are consistently and comprehensively meeting these expectations through the program review process. Every College will determine how they will collect, review, and approve departments’ integration of the competencies, and departments will communicate their integration plans to their College as directed.

Competency Integration Support for the Majors

While colleges will determine how they will collect, review, and approve departments’ integration of the competencies, UGE has developed a process to help departments integrate the competencies into their major(s) and provides consultations.

Competency Integration Process and Template

The competency integration process is intended to be manageable, intentional, and adaptable. It is not about tearing down and building anew. It is about building up what you already have and getting support along the way. Departments begin by looking for courses that already have explicit instruction and practice of the competencies and then building on that foundation.

The competency integration process is broken down into four easy stages. Each stage has an accompanying worksheet that further breaks it down into manageable steps. At the end of the process, departments can adopt a Competencies Integration Plan Template as is or adapt it as needed.

Please read the full overview document for important details regarding the process. This overview and all other documents related to the process can be accessed via the Google Drive folder. Please note that this folder has restricted access to UNC Charlotte accounts.


UGE is available for consultations throughout the process to help at any stage by answering questions, providing feedback, or directing to additional resources. Please contact Dr. Heather Bastian,, for more information.